Ratio 214% by January 2020

Annual +18.60%+20% Tax
Assets €1,230,304
Duration 4209 days

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Important: Investment is the high-risk process and cannot be taken as a financial problems solving tool. This website offers no any funds management service, all the information has expressed in an acquaintance purposes only. All the prices are nominated in Euro and includes 20% taxes must be paid to local tax service. EUR - Active trading Euro, USD - Active trading United States Dollar, RUB - Active trading Russian Rouble, BRN - Active trading Brent, S&P - Buy and hold S&P500, BTC - Bitcoin mining and buy and hold, ETH - Ethereum mining and buy and hold, PDL - Payday Loans issue, PP&E - Property Plant and Equities, CDA - Call Deposit Account. In a fixed percentage to all of the allocated funds.

Plans Details

Worcestershire & Esther, Inv. is a Swiss located private conservative portfolio office with wide range of a clients as institutional level as far as family offices and individuals. Promotes long-term, sustainable and broad-based economic growth by providing financial support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), high-liquidity instruments investing, buy back guaranteed payday loans, hedging the market risks. Please choose the plan suitable to your business/individual requirements:
  • Starter
  • 3 Month
  • From €0
  • 3 Month Return
  • 4.65% one time
  • +50% management fee
  • +20% tax on profit
  • 3 Month of Support
  • Contact Us
  • Lifetime
  • Lifetime
  • From €50 000
  • Lifetime return
  • 18.60% annual monthly
  • Free management
  • +20% tax on profit
  • Lifetime Support
  • Contact Us
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Have your Financial Plan

Intelligent investing isn’t get-rich-quick process. It is rather a process that allows investors to reach certain financial goals through a carefully crafted financial plan.

Our Profile

Worcestershire & Esther Inv. objective is the near-conservative wide diversified portfolio of financial instruments, which allows to save and conservatively multiply any kind and volume of income. Instruments are reviewing annually, part of each one is changing according to the annual strategy.


Well-weighted management strategy, created with taking into account a current market environment, carefully secured from high volatility by using hedging scheme and call deposits placements.


Regular strategy revision with optimization allows to count that profit received has its maximum available value for the conservative managed products of the current market.


Within almost 12 years of successfull operation on the financial market with hundreds of satisfied customers, placed more than €1M of funds receiving now about 18% of revenue annually.

We accept secured

We accept secured payments via NIX Money using USD, EUR and BTC, LTC.
Please, contact us to open your individual account.

Contact Us

Do you have questions concerning conservative portfolio? Need advice on a plan you would like to choose or ask for a special offer? Ready to support you 24x5, please fill the contact form:

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Route de Pre-Bois 29,
1215 Meyrin,

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